PCB Manufacturing Capabilities


 Item  Capability
 Monthly capability  40,000sqm/month
 Layer  1-50 Layers
 Board types

 Normal FR-4 PCB, high TG FR-4 PCB, heavy copper PCB, impedance control PCB, high  frequency PCB, FPC, rigid-flex 

 PCB, aluminum PCB, copper based PCB, ceramic based PCB, ultra-thin PCB, and so on.

 Surface treatment  HASL, RoHS-HASL, Immersion gold, Plating gold, Gold fingers, OSP, Immersion Silver, Chemical Tin etc …
 Solder mask colour  Green, Blue, Red, Black, Yellow, White, black
 Silk screen colour  White, Black, Yellow, Blue, Red, Purple , Green




 Min board thickness tolerance: +/-0.1mm

 PTH diameter tolerance: +/-0.05mm
 NPTH diameter tolerance: +/-0.025mm
 Hole location tolerance: +/-0.05mm

 Min outline tolerance: +/-0.1mm

 V-cut dept tolerance: +/-0.1mm



 Technical Specification 

 Min line width/space: 0.05/0.05mm
 Min PTH copper thickness: 35um
 Min hole diameter: 0.1mm
 Min pad ring: 0.05mm
 Max copper thickness: 6oz
 Max board size: 1200*560mm
 Board thickness: 0.1-7.0mm
 Solder mask bridge: ≥0.08mm
 Aspect ratio: 10:1
 Via plugging capacity: 0.2-0.6mm
 Board bow and twist: ≤0.5%

 Au, Ni, HASL thickness:
 1, Immersion gold: Au 1-4u”
 2, Gold fingers: Au 1-50u” 
 3, Plating gold: Au 1-5u”
 4, Ni thickness: 100-200u”
 5, HASL thickness: 1-50um
 6, OSP thickness: 0.3-0.5um