About Ceng Feng Circuits

Shenzhen Ceng Feng (Uni-wise) Circuits Co.,Ltd established in year 2006 , we are professional in manufacturing all type of PCB : FR-4 PCB, high TG ,heavy copper PCB, impedance control PCB, high frequency PCB, flexible PCB, rigid-flex PCB, HDI PCB, aluminum PCB, copper based PCB, ceramic based PCB, ultra-thin PCB, Halogen free PCB etc. Our factory gets ISO and UL certifications , offering quick turn PCB prototypes, small to large volume PCB production. The UL certificate covers maximum 6oz heavy copper PCBs. Those PCB products are widely used in variety electronic industries, including industrial control, medical device, power supply, electronic bidet, home automation, telecommunications, and so on.
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PCB manufacturing

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    We have two factories located in Shenzhen and Ji’an cities respectively , total plant area around 10000㎡ , more than 300 staffs .

    Worldwide Network Of Our Customers

    Serving customers globally since 2006